Divider Cream

Brunch… Lunch… Afternoon tea… Supper…

We are here to offer you proper Yorkshire hospitality where only the best service will do; we will meet prior to your event to run through all of your personal requirements to ensure every step of your event is a success.

As a farmer’s daughter, I developed a genuine passion for all things fresh, local & home-made at a young age so it’s only natural that all of our ingredients are a celebration of local producers and suppliers. We have a complete ingredients listing for all of our products so that we can tailor to suit any food allergen or intolerances.


Please get in touch for your personal event pack and quote.

The price will include delivery to your venue in dedicated temperature controlled cool boxes, presentation on your table by our team, good quality disposable plates, cutlery & napkins (a great selection of themed plates & napkins, crockery & linen, available for just a little extra).

There is no VAT to be added to the prices.

These menus are just suggestions which we can amend to suit your personal requirements.